Should students join college societies in the first year?


Date & time Feb 9 '20
Creator Erin Bowman

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In the beginning of the college year, almost all societies and clubs begin their recruitment drives to take in students. Under such circumstances, members of the societies and clubs have a great responsibility of recruiting freshmen.


Freshmen might be hesitant to get recruited due to a number of reasons. Firstly, they might feel as if societies and clubs are a great distraction. However, it does not take them long enough to realize that they are indeed a great social need. When I was a freshman, I used to spend a lot of time to do my paper for assignments. Consequently, I used to get stripped off of all the time required to get involved in a student club. Freshmen should, however, realize that writing papers in the first year should not be taken very seriously. Because paper assignments in the first semester simply exist to help a student in getting used to writing papers. Hence putting in too much effort to gain perfection would simply be a waste of time when everyone is bound to get full marks anyway.


Joining college societies in the first year will allow a student to enjoy a lot, as the first year tends to be easier.

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