You Need To Listen To Your Parents Always


Date & time Mar 13 '19
Creator Flint Taylor

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Even if you are the one to join the college, you need to understand that going to college will be a family affair. For starters you are naïve about college things and hence you need guidance in making your decisions. You may have done your research on about the best colleges to join or about the process of joining college.


In reality you don’t expect your parent to guide you through lower school, to high school and when it comes to joining college you don’t want them to offer you the guidance. You have never been in college and so your naivety makes them want to lead you in making your choices. However, you can you can still do your research and come up with the options of the colleges you may want to join.


Allow them to tell you what they think about your choices and if you feel that you need to join a particular school tell them the reasons and they might consider it. You are however not supposed to chest thump and say that you are the one going to college and hence your choices will carry the day. You should all come to one conclusion where you carry forward without negativity.

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