Success is obedience – NOT POSITIVE outcomes!

Don’t even look at “negative” results from prayer! The word of God is true REGARDLESS of what you see. Once you can grasp your identity in Christ, you will push aside the thoughts coming from the carnal mind, and good results will happen. DO USE the successes as encouragement, and keep building your faith through watching Youtube videos of healings from Tom Loud, Torben Sondergaard, Pete Cabrera Jr, and Dan Mohler.

Also, I follow Torben’s advice, that faith is like a muscle, and needs to be exercised to get strong. Ask DAD to give you subjects to build your faith and he will respond. God will put into your path people who have pain that needs healed and it will help you grow to the point of moving mountains! It’s not harder for Jesus to heal people in wheelchairs, but for many of us it seems more challenging, and our carnal mind weakens us – making is seem harder and so we see nothing.

Many blessings, and be sure to check out Tom Loud’s series many times, especially number 5, before going out!

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