Success is obedience – NOT POSITIVE outcomes!

Don’t even look at “negative” results from prayer! The word of God is true REGARDLESS of what you see. Once you can grasp your identity in Christ, you will push aside the thoughts coming from the carnal mind, and good results will happen. DO USE the successes as encouragement, and keep building your faith through watching Youtube videos of healings from Tom Loud, Torben Sondergaard, Pete Cabrera Jr, and Dan Mohler.

Also, I follow Torben’s advice, that faith is like a muscle, and needs to be exercised to get strong. Ask DAD to give you subjects to build your faith and he will respond. God will put into your path people who have pain that needs healed and it will help you grow to the point of moving mountains! It’s not harder for Jesus to heal people in wheelchairs, but for many of us it seems more challenging, and our carnal mind weakens us – making is seem harder and so we see nothing.

Many blessings, and be sure to check out Tom Loud’s series many times, especially number 5, before going out!


Here is a post from my wife:

So excited to share about our first night out at Lake Anna.

We arrived at Lake Anna and started walking around the lake at the water’s edge. We first approached two ladies and asked them if we could pray for them.  They were very receptive, but didn’t have anything we could pray for.  After talking with them about what we were doing, we all held hands and prayed.  That was a great ‘kickstart” for Bruce and I.  We continued walking and encountered a couple fishing.  After speaking with them, we determined that Roger had had a massive heart attack (called a widow maker heart attack) one month ago and needed prayer for recovery, they had financial needs, and Debbie (Roger’s wife) asked for prayer to stop smoking.  We prayed healing for Roger, prayed for Debbie to be delivered from addiction to smoking and for God to bless them financially supernaturally.  We moved on and encountered a young family with a daddy (James) who had his finger wrapped up.  We determined that James had cut finger this morning and had to get stitches. After asking about his pain level we found out James had “permanent” nerve damage from several years back from a work injury when he touched a transformer and was electrocuted and that James had no feeling in his hands and arms.  He couldn’t even feel when he got cut or when he got the stitches.  We started praying for James and at first he did not notice any difference.  After several times of praying healing for him, James noticed that he started having feeling in his fingers which he had not had in a long time.  He indicated that he had about 10% of his feeling come back.  We continued to press in and pray and James’ feelings in his hands and arms increased and increased.  After praying with him for about 15 – 20 minutes, James was so amazed because he had so much feeling that he had not had before.  Shocked, James just kept moving his hands and fingers and rubbing them together because he was so amazed.  When we left, James just stood there for some time in disbelief from what God had just done for him.  Such an indescribable look of shock, disbelief, and joy was on James’ face.  Thank you Jesus for the complete healing that you gave to James tonight.

Well, we are totally pumped and ready to go for round two tomorrow.