Jesus Saves, Heals, Delivers – Today!

If you belong to Christ, you are his body. Not figuratively – Literally! (Acts 9:4) 
We went to the International Fair at our county seat, Medina, on Saturday, August 22, to pray. We kickstarted two people, Debbie and David, and prayed for a dozen and saw three dramatic healings. It was a tough crowd, mostly affluent, but we made several breakthroughs.  Jesus lit up three of us at the same time when we ran into a friend who may have “have had” thyroid cancer. She had a recent uncertain diagnosis. We were praying and I felt the power of God, when just at the same time my wife and David from did.  David’s wife brought his son, and he has suffered from multiple health issues. His condition is markedly improved, and we continue to press-in (Luke 11 & 18) for complete healing. David was healed of a problem in his left ear, it took three iterations of this complex, theologically rich prayer, and I quote, “Be healed in the name of Jesus!”.

Us hobbled, Spirit-starved disciples have made it way too complicated in the past. Guess what!? John 14:12-14 is actually true! Take that passage, memorize it, then go to Luke 18:1-8 and memorize that. When you are exercising faith, recite these passages to yourself. Then, you will see John 14:12 be confirmed. Remember, you don’t believe what you don’t act on, see Luke 6:46 & James 1:22!!!

At the end of that Saturday, the two we kickstarted were ecstatic with blessed rewards of obedience.

Sunday, at the BIFCCO (Building / Institution – Formerly Called Church Organization), a son of Debbie, one whom we kickstarted the day previous, came to me at the sound board requesting prayer for a pain in his rib cage, caused by congestion and coughing he was recovering from. This was  astonishing to me, because NO ONE comes asking for prayer for anything, I usually have to chase them down. Our BIFCCO has rotating prayer teams down front after service, of which my wife and I have done one week out of the month for three years – and I’ve prayed for three individuals in that time. In this case, I prayed a short prayer four times, each time checking on his pain, and he said the pain was still there each time. Fifteen minutes later I took him to my wife and we both prayed three times – no better. Then I grabbed my phone, and we watched the video of the spinal stenosis case linked to above, to help bolster our faith.  We prayed one more time, “Pain be gone in the name of Jesus!”.  He looked up suddenly, with a surprised but delightful look, and said, “It’s GONE!”  I could NOT contain my elation, high fives all around!.  This was a huge victory for me, because I’ve had very little success getting miracles to flow in the BIFCCO. There is a threshold traversed when the seeker and the giver BOTH persist until the WORD is confirmed.

Just to clarify, BIFFCO is not a pejorative term for the “institutional church”.  I love my church family, and attend The Chapel in Wadsworth every Sunday. The church is Jesus’ body. In Greek, it’s ekklesia, which means literally “called out ones”. The true church is not a building or an institution – it IS an assembly of “believers”.  It is the whole group of true disciples that live throughout the globe… past, present, and future. The New Testament is peppered with this concept of us being the body of Christ. In Acts 9:4, on the road to Damascus, Jesus’ voice calls out to Saul (later called Paul), saying, “Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting me?!”  Saul was persecuting Christians. Jesus equates his disciples with himself.

We are going to more events, and my wife is tracking down local food distributions like in Manchester that we can do regularly.  I plan to start video documenting soon and posting them here.

Jesus, thanks for our amazing weekend!

To him who is able to do far more abundantly than all we ask or imagine…

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